Building a relationship with your dog is a vital component to your dog’s desired behavior. Learning how to communicate with your dog can be the difference between a comfortable stroll or being dragged down the street. It’s not all about the agony of walking your dog, it’s about the safety of you, your dog, and others.

Wouldn’t it be nice to trust your dog in any situation?

Establishing trust and rapport with your dog will create a one of a kind bond. Canine Alpha is dedicated to improving the communication between you and your dog to better fulfill both you and your dog’s needs.

Services Offered

In-home Private Training
We offer private training sessions with our certified trainers. One on one attention not only helps train your dog, but empowers you with the tools to continue the process. Private training targets problematic behaviors specific the home environment. Throughout your time together, your trainer is available during business hours to answer any questions you may have via email, text, or phone.

Pack Rehabilitation
In need of serious behavior modification? We will use our pack to help your dog reprogram his/her state of mind. Once pack rehabilitation is complete, a trainer will follow up with a private session in your home to reinforce the rehabilitation process. A variety of packages are available. Please contact us at Canine Alpha to discuss your options.

Public Speaking Dog Awareness
Stephanie, the Head Trainer at Canine Alpha, is available for public speaking events; including school presentations, professional developments, and charitable events. She is dedicated to educating communities while raising awareness about dog behavior.

Business Consulting
We provide consulting services for pet friendly businesses and companies. Allowing employees to bring their pets to work can be a great way to improve employee moral and increase productivity. However, when put into practice, the results can be anything but. Dogs, just like people, need to have clear expectations of what is acceptable behavior at work. Barking, hyper activity, and fighting will destroy your vision of having a new age dog friendly company. With our program, you will learn the common mistakes to avoid and will be guided through the necessary steps to create a cohesive pack unit at the work place.

We at Canine Alpha look forward to working with you and your best friend!