Building positive relationships is SO important to a happy, healthy lifestyle! Relationships with people, food, the environment and one of the longest relationships around, the alliance between man and canine.

We are pack animals just like our dogs, and when we choose to bring a dog home to join our pack, it’s our responsibility to nourish and grow that bond between us and our new pack member.

This is where Stephanie steps-in: She's dedicated her life to empower people! To teach them to become the best version of themselves, which enables the betterment of ALL their relationships in life, not just the one with their dog.
Through her newsletters (and in-home private training) she teaches dog psychology and how to build a wonderful, long-lasting relationship between you and your dog by empowering you as the leader or alpha of your pack!! She teaches you to use your body language and energy to communicate effectively with your dog, and how to fine tune your delivery so that your dog understands what you are wanting from him/her.

You can’t have a good relationship without good communication!

Stephanie's Accomplishments
Stephanie received her certification through Animal Behavior College in Santa Clarita, California. From there she fulfilled a long time dream of working with Cesar Millan at his Dog Psychology Center (DPC). In March 2014 she completed Cesar’s Fundamentals workshop taught by Cesar himself. And because she strongly believes that you can never stop learning, she continues her education by pursuing her bachelor’s degree in human Psychology through Brandman University and attends dog education workshops at least once a year.

Now! She has launched the beginning to her own dream and vision!
And invites you to be a part of that dream!

Begin changing your relationships today and become your pack’s Canine Alpha!!