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"Treat [dogs] as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of being."

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
A Little About Stephanie

Stephanie is the head dog trainer at Canine Alpha. She specializes in dog behavior. She has loved dogs since she was a little girl. Taking that love for dogs and pairing it with a passion for helping people, she is fulfilling her vision to teach others to build and grow long-lasting relationships with their dogs through social media, private training, and other outlets.

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Margaux Jacobs:
"From the first day of meeting Stephanie I knew it was going to be an awesome obedience class. She knew what to do not only with my dog Leo, but also with me and my insecure and unsure handling. She encouraged and continues to encourage my instincts when understanding the psychology of my dogs. Because of Stephanie and the tools she gave to my family, it became possible for us to feel comfortable bringing another dog into the pack. Stephanie is calm, assertive and receptive enough to understand the true process of a dogs mind, and she patiently taught me how to think and do the same! I will forever be grateful for the continuous breakthroughs i get to experience with my dogs, Stephanie shows me how to earn both trust and respect from my dogs and how to receive it right back from them in the beautiful language that dogs speak."
Suzy Mix:
All my life I have been a pet owner and have always particularly been a dog enthusiast. Unfortunately, of all the dogs I’ve had, I never had the honor of rescuing a dog. Especially a dog with behavior issues. Two years after we lost our beloved Basset I had the opportunity to rescue a Doxie mix that had a history of abuse / neglect. I brought him home and realized that I did not have experience in handling these issues. Everything I’ve learned about dog behavior or training was self-taught or learned through “old-school” practices/knowledge. I had known Stephanie Taylor (CanineAlpha) through my place of employment and knew that she had the skills to give me the “tools” to help my little rescue become more confident and content. She has such an enthusiasm for helping people help their pets. She could help me deter his anxious and predatory behavior and help him ultimately live a happy and fulfilled life. She showed me how to nurture his good qualities and empower him to become a confident and happy dog. I utilized her services for 2 weeks and can attest that she made a huge difference and impact on his behavior. No dog training can be an immediate “quick-fix”, but you are given the tools necessary to continue to instill that positive behavior in your dog. With consistency, we have seen such a HUGE improvement in Hachi and we continue to reinforce what Stephanie has shown us. We, as dog owners, owe this to our companions so that they can live their life as intended: as a happy dog. Stephanie has provided such a valued and appreciated service. I truly recommend her highly, as I know firsthand that she is helping make our co-existence with our best friends a harmonious one!